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Jun. 24th, 2020



You've enter the mind and space of PArk HAchimi
~Hachi + Hachimi + Park Hachimi + Honey! + Jungoochi + Junsu-unnie + namelessphantom + namelesshachi + Beta + Junsu + Hun!
~designer, photographer, producer and writer ~english, spanish, japanese
~FANDOM IS A WAY OF LIFE (take it seriously)
~JYJ / Arashi / LArcenCiel / Ayumi Hamasaki / Epik High / S.H.E / U2 / Iron Maiden
~LOVE cinematography

~in love with japanese culture, language, music, television, life, people

~Arashi is my heart...L'Arc en Ciel is my mind...Monterrey is my life...Los Angeles+New York is my dream
~Park Yoochun is my love, and his weird JaeSu companions

*this journal is almost not in use...

Jan. 24th, 2019


Master List of Fics and Writings

I dont write too much but i love to do it
i write a little more in spanish, and then try to translate to english (specially my Yoosu fics)
i write mostly Yoosu... and hetero fics...the female characters are usually the same, and are most based on me and my friends

dictionaryCollapse )

In EspanyolCollapse )
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May. 5th, 2013


Nothing really...like an announcement

So i haven't write anything (REALLY) here since november....2 years ago?

i ONLY use livejournal for fics, comms and all that stuff...

and, i suddenly remembered i have actually an account.

No, i'm not gonna go back to writing here, idk, for some reason feels pointless .-.  and i feel so OUT of "livejournal" idk....i can't explain.
i guess i'll just come to post when i actually get back to writing....
if anyone (yeah.... pfff) wants to keep up with me, you can....
on Twitter (@parkhachi)
on Wordpress (hachimipark)

and... that is all!


Nov. 20th, 2011


Hachi's first visit to LA

o_O so is been exactly 1 year since this... and i wrote this..... pretty much 1 year ago... but i wanted to actually finally post this....

because, is been 1 year since i first saw my JYJ babies! , November 19th, 2010, JYJ La Showcase...

1 year ago storyCollapse )

Oct. 26th, 2011


nothing really

1) What’s your name?
2) How old are you?
3) Where are you from? Are you living there right now?
Monterrey, Mexico
4) Is it cold where you are?
not really, our winter is barely fresh and we only get like 1 or 2 weeks of extreme cold in january
5) What’s the time?
6) What are you wearing?
my favorite futbol team shirt and grey jeans
7) What was the last thing you listened to?
Tablo's Airbag
8) What was the last thing you ate?
9) What was the last thing you watched on TV?
im watching the Simpsons right now
10) What’s your favorite TV show? Why?
The simpsons, because is epic
11) Quick! Find a book, or something with text on it! Flip to a random page and read some of it! GO!
"Changmin likes watching Yoochun sleep. Tracing the ebony lashes that
dust the gentle curve of his cheeks- still a little round with youth.
Yoochun’s mouth is like a red stain, a bold smudge against the pale skin
and Changmin’s heart clenches in his chest, swelling with desire."
12) What was the last movie you saw? How was it?
-_- taylor lautner's movie because my niece wanted to xD ... o_O wasnt as horrible as i thought but meh...
13) Do you think you have an accent? Talk about that.
i have a strong monterrey accent xD (or so it seems o,o) english accent, barely (or so people says) lol japanese accent xD so WEIRD
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